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We’re one of the top Caribbean logistical support and material management companies.

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15 years, Caribbean International Group has worked with various clients and luxury real estate commercial owners in the area. We offer full support, maintenance and supervision over the construction process to both commercial and residential high-end property owners. Our company guarantees a closed-loop process that consists of consulting, planning, material procurement management and logistical support. Every stage of the process is developed in detail by our team of professionals in order to minimize the costs and maximize the effectiveness of the execution. We Work with Clients to Guarantee 100 Percent Satisfaction

Understanding customer preferences having product knowledge and giving accurate professional advice are our main priorities. We do our best to give clients competitive pricing, access to high quality materials and a timely delivery. Cost estimates are entirely based on the client’s budget and action plan. We focus on efficient communication to give our clients full control over the expenses. Every project is a challenge – we work hard to constantly improve on the delivery. We put all our skills and imagination in bringing client ideas to reality.